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Why Plain Text Will Boost Your Productivity as a Writer

The Plain text writing may sound like a complicated concept to someone who grew up with text processors. But it is actually what writers did before text processors even existed: sit down in front of a typewriter and type words. When preparing for print, the text of a manuscript was then marked up by hand to indicate what typeface, style, size etc. should be applied by the typesetter.

3D Print Link’s Hylian Shield

Take this shield, it’s dangerous to go alone!
In this project, we’re 3D printing Link’s Hylian Shield from The Legend of Zelda. This is over 450mm long and prints in just 2 parts. Now you can build the shield to go along with Link’s wooden sword.

Man Spends Six Years Crocheting One Super Mario Bros. 3 Map

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ttscoff / MMD-QuickLook

MultiMarkdown Quick Look with Style
This is a quick fork of Fletcher Penney’s MMD Quicklook project. It adds some styling to the default Quick Look preview (based on GitHub CSS) and allows for customization via a .mdqlstyle.css file in your home folder.

Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide()

A mostly reasonable approach to JavaScript

sananth12 / ImageScraper

A high performance, easy to use, multithreaded command line tool which downloads images from the given webpage.

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