DLDI Drop – DLDI patcher the mac way

DLDI Drop Screen 1

Because I will get my M3 DS Simply in some days and I am really felt in love with all the great homebrew that was released the days. I thought it would be helpful to have a nice tool to patch this apps for my M3. Chrishm build a great way to give the homebrew developers the opportunity to distribute their apps for as many homebrew devices a possible. He released the Dynamically Linkable Disc Interface that allows people to patch new interfaces for their disc devices into existing applications, provided they were built with DLDI support. dlditool is a command-line-tool to patch the homebrew-apps with the needed device support.

DLDI Drop Screen 2

I don’t like to use the terminal for every homebrew I want to test so I decided to develop a little droplet application for Mac OS that could sit in your Dock or your Finder toolbar. You drop the homebrew on it and get a list of devices to patch the homebrew for, choose one and done. You could copy the patched app to your card.

DLDI Drop Icon

So I build an small Xcode-Applescript project. I did some applescript, compiled dlditool 1.23 as an Universal build and included it. I also included the devices patches and I done a nice icon and now here is DLDI Drop”. Have fun!

Download: DLDI Drop 1.5.2

Screenshots Version 1.5

DLDI Drop Screen 3

DLDI Drop Preferences


Version 1.5.2

  • add device support for Datel Games n‘ Music

Version 1.5.1

  • small bufix for PowerPC users

Version 1.5

  • add preferences
    • possibility to choose a standard device that should be patched
    • choose if DLDI Drop should auto quit after patching
  • add nds to the know extentions
  • add a nice nds file icon
  • added Neo MK5 to the supported devices

Version 1.04

  • add support for new devices:
    • Ninjapass X9
    • DS-X

Version 1.03

  • add Acekard and DS-Xtreme to the supported devices

PS: I want thank Chrishm to let me included dlditool and the patches into my app.

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