EyeTV Exporter

EyeTV Exporter is a AppleScript to easily batch export all your EyeTV recordings to different video formats.

EyeTV Exporter is little Applescript to export all your EyeTV Recording with one click.

The exported recordings will be found in your Movie Folder. You could choose the Exportformat at start. The exported filenames will contain title, startdate, starttime and exportformat.

You could just start it by clicking or by adding it to your Applescript Menu.

Minimum Requirements
Elgato EyeTV 1.8, Growl is supported

Download latest release: EyeTV Exporter 1.3


Version 1.3

  • added new exportformats from EyeTV 1.8.4 (iPod and iPodMP4)

Version 1.2.1

  • should really run without Growl

Version 1.2

  • checks how many jobs EyeTv is running (exports and recordings) and never start more than 2 jobs at one time. So the exports are going faster and EyeTV have enough CPU time to record and you have enough CPU to work while exoprting
  • added new Exportformats from EyeTV 1.8.3 – PSPH264, AAC, Applelossless
  • Growl is no longer required but supported

Version 1.1

  • filenames are now correct for windows sharing
  • dates in filenames are know in the the local os language
  • you could choose if you want to use the standard folder or a folder of your choice
  • already existing exports will be skipped next time the export is started
  • Growl support added
  • removed unneeded application specifical exportformats (like Toast, VCD, SVCD, etc)
  • dialog if there are no recordings to export

Version 1.0

  • first release

Von Jan Kampling

Ich bin der Betreiber dieses kleinen Gadget-Tagebuchs. Tagsüber findet man mich als Medienfachwirt und Mediendesigner arbeitend hinter einem Berg von Displays. Der NerdCave ist mein Rückzugsort.