If you want to play your EyeTV recordings offer a network share without exporting it than this is the right script for you.

EyeTV2Alias is little Applescript to create symbolic links to your EyeTV Recordings. You could use this links to open the movies in another player for example VLC or you could use them to share the movies over the network to another mac, Windows PC, XboxMediaCenter or other MediaPlayer. (For sharing you have to set „follow symbolic links“ for the pertinent sharing protocol: FTP, SMB, AFP). The Links will be created in your Movie Folder.

Be aware if you edit the movies in another editor then EyeTV then EyeTV perhaps have problems to play, export or edit the files any longer.

You could just start it by clicking or by adding it to your Applescript Menu. Included are two versions. One with a dialog window and one without. The one without automatically create the links in your movie-folder in your home-dir. This one could good be used for cron jobs.

Minimum Requirements
Elgato EyeTV 1.8, Growl is supported


Von Jan Kampling

Ich bin der Betreiber dieses kleinen Gadget-Tagebuchs. Tagsüber findet man mich als Medienfachwirt und Mediendesigner arbeitend hinter einem Berg von Displays. Der NerdCave ist mein Rückzugsort.

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