TV2iCal adds your favorite tv shows and films to your iCal calender and iTele. It manage the syncing of TV-Browser, iCal and iTele.

iTeleRecord is developed by Jan Weiss.

TV2iCal is a collection of scripts to schedule recordings in iTele with the help of iCal and TV-Browser. It was developed to make use of the great iCal interface for managing scheduled recordings. It goes beyond what iTeleRecord does.

The iCal-iTele integration can also be used without TV-Browser. Just try importing your existing scheduled recordings from iTele, modify them, add new ones and write them back.

Warning: The iCal2iTele script replaces all iTele recordings. Be sure to use iTele2iCal first if you have used iTele itself to schedule recordings perviously.



  • Deleting a programmed recording in TV-Browser deletes it in iCal. Thisworks even if the recording’s start time and end time were modified.The default tolerance for this is 20 minutes.
  • Use iTele2iCal to import your schedule recordings from iTele into iCal.
  • Use iCal2iTele to export your schedule recordings from iCal to iTele. Thispreserves the repeat settings that are supported by iTele: dayly, weekly,weekdays, weekends.The latter two are available in iCal via choosing Custom…”:or
  • If you have imported your schedule recordings from iTele into iCal youcan update them with additional information from TV-Browser simply by usingthe captureplug-in with TVB2iCal and schedule that show.


  • The iCal2iTele script cannot schedule recordings while iTele is open.
  • The iCal2iTele script replaces all iTele recordings. Be sure to use iTele2iCalfirst if you have used iTele to schedule recordings prevously.
  • iCal2iTele works only if iTele is not open. If it is iTele will write overthe exported data and load that upon next being started.
  • You need to have Property List Tools installed

Download latest release: TV2iCal 1.2

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